UPRINTJET Mini Portable Wireless Mobile Handheld Inkjet Printer WIFI Connection
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UPRINTJET Mini B10 Portable Wireless Mobile Handheld Inkjet Printer WIFI Connection
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Main Features
1. UPRINTJET mini B10 handheld inkjet printer is almost for any surfaces and materials, comes with a 42ml black fast drying ink.

2. The UPRINTJET B10 printing height is 0.098-0.5 Inch (2.5mm-12.7mm).

3. Mini inkjet printer also have other color ink replacement, red, white, yellow Ink cartridge.

4. Use with APP by WiFi connection: Because it offers Wi-Fi Direct, you don’t need to rely on finding a network to connect with your mini inkjet printer.

5. This small and stylish Wireless mini printer with 300 DPI high resolution, it can print sharp text, graphic, logo, barcode, QRcode, serial numbers, date, production date etc.,, You can customize the content.

6. UPRINTJET mini mobile inkjet printer app support 17 languages (English, German Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese etc).

7. Intuitive and user-friendly app interface makes your printing much smoother and easier!
Intuitive & Freely Layout Design
UPRINTJET B10 mini hand printer machine is controlled with a user-friendly, intuitive App. Supports 17 languages. Maximum printing height is up to 0.5 inches/12.7mm. Printing resolution is 300DPI with adjustable gray level.

Wireless mini printer weight 195g, size: 110*40*90mm fits in your pocket. Travel size mini wireless inkjet printer prints anytime, anywhere. is a great christmas gift for family, friends and business partner.
Wireless Wi-Fi Connection
UPRINTJET B10 mini handheld inkjet printer connects to your mobile phone via Wi-Fi to upload the content you want to print. Download an app called PRTFOX, Support save your printing template on the PRTFOX APP for a quick use. supporting both IOS and Android system.
Hand Printer For Any Surface
UPRINTJET B10 mini palm-sized mobile handheld inkjet printer prints on paper, cardboard, wood, textiles, leather, walls, cloth, stone, metal. Portable inkjet coder with removable auxiliary roller design for better printing on curved, uneven or smooth surfaces like glass, plastic, coffee mugs, ceramic pieces or other unique materials.
Steel pipes
Paper bag
Stainless Steel
Endless Printing Possibilities
UPRINTJET B10 handheld portable printer mini can print text, images, QR codes, barcode, Batch Series Number, logos, production date, expiration date etc.,. Supports multi-line print. Adjust the size and position of your prints and you can easily create different print combinations. Mini hand inkjet printer is a perfect tool for the business work, daily paperwork, arts, crafts, industrial and personal use.
Production Date
Bitmap Font
Custom Font
QR Code
Signs / Picture
Serial Number
Quick Dry Ink & Package
UPRINTJET the quick drying smart handy printer comes with a 42ml solvent fast dry black ink. UPRINTJET mini inkjet code printer meets your printing needs brilliantly, with clear, precise printing.

Package includes:
1×USB Cable, 1×Mini B10 Printer, 1×Black Ink Cartridge, 1×Manual, 1×Packing Box.
Status Indicator
Status lndicator
Power on:   white light on
  green light on
Data receiving is complete, waiting for printing, printing:
  blue light on
Cancel printing:   green light on
The upper cover of the ink cartridge is opened:   red light on
No operation within 5 minutes when the protective cover is off:   red light flashes
The battery is low:
  red light flashes
Printer dormant:
  green light flashes slowly
The firmware is being upgraded:   yellow light on
Firmware upgrade failed:   Pink light on
Charging instructions:   red light on(Only when turned off and charging)
Wifi lndicator
Pown on:   white light on
The phone is not connected or the router is not connected:
  blue light on
The phone is connected or the router is connected:
  green light on
Dormant or firmware upgrade:   no display
Initialization or operation error:   red light on
1.Please keep the product and ink cartridges away from children.

2.Do not wipe the inside of the product when using a moist cloth to wipe the device.

3.When the ink gets into your eyes accidentally,please wash with plenty of water immediately. If you have any symptoms, please go to the hospital for help immediately.
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