UPRINTJET Original Solvent Quick Drying 0.5 Inch Ink Cartridge for Handheld Inkjet Printer (Black)
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UPRINTJET Original Solvent Quick Drying 0.5 Inch Ink Cartridge for Handheld Inkjet Printer (Black)
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【Work On Almost Any Surface】UPRINTJET original solvent fast dry handheld inkjet printer cartridge can work on many materials: paper, cloth, carton, wood, gypsum board, fiberboard, plastic, ceramic, glass, metal, aluminum foil, etc.

【Large Capacity & Replace Easily】UPRINTJET handheld inkjet cartridge ink capacity is 42ml. Ink cartridge for handheld printer can print above 2,000,000 characters at 4.2mm printing height. It is easy to install and pull out handheld inkjet printer ink.

【Smooth & Brightly Ink】UPRINTJET handheld ink cartridge is designed with high density print, excellent crisp print, high printing efficiency. The print is smooth, brightness colored and strong adhesion.

【Quick Drying Inkjet Ink】UPRINTJET inkjet printer cartridge is quick dry ink. If the printing needs to be suspended, please cover the protective cover in time to prevent the ink cartridge from being Air-Dried and blocking the nozzle. In case of blockage, you can wipe the nozzle gently with a soft tissue.

【Tips】Before purchasing ink cartridges, please confirm the model of the corresponding handheld printer, so as not to cause the ink cartridges to be incorrectly identified.
Main Features
1. The printing height of 0.5 inch ink cartridge is 2-12.7mm
2. Waterproof is great on absorbent materials
3. Can print more than 200,000 characters
4. Clear and bright color, strong adhesion
5. Suitable for a variety of materials
6. 42ml Quick-drying solvent ink cartridge
Ink Capacity:
Ink type:   Quick Drying Solvent Ink Cartridge
Printing Height:   2mm-12.7mm
Applicable materials:   Cloth, wood, carton, metal, stone, plastic, ceramics, aluminum, cable, glass, etc.
1.When the ink cartridge is not in use, please cover the protective cover of the ink cartridge in time to prevent the ink cartridge from drying out and clogging the nozzle.

2.In the case of incomplete printing and missing lines, you can shake the ink cartridge for 3-5 seconds, then wipe the nozzle with a tissue in one direction, and then try to print again.Don’t privately remove ink cartridge chip,affecting the normal use of the machine.

3.The water resistance of the ink cartridge depends on whether the printing material is water-absorbent material. If you print on water-absorbent material, the waterproof effect is the best.

4.After the ink cartridge is used up, it is recommended to repurchase a new ink cartridge.
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