UPRINTJET Handheld Inkjet Printer with 5 Inch LED Touch Screen
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UPRINTJET TIJ800P Handheld Inkjet Printer with 5 Inch LED Touch Screen
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Main Features
UPRINTJET TIJ800P Handheld Inkjet Printer with an original 42ml solvent fast-drying black ink cartridge that can be easily replaced. The printing is instantly dry, clear and sharp with firm adhesion and intelligent ink-saving. Usually one handheld inkjet printer ink cartridge can print more than 200,000 characters, and the maximum printing height is 25.4mm. 600DPI high definition quality printing. Support multi-line printing: 1-10 lines (Adjustable). Suitable for a variety of materials and contents. Can be used on the assembly line. Support Text / QR Code / Barcode / Logo / Date / Batch Number / Variable Data etc. Supports 25 languages and can import custom fonts.
Suitable for a Variety of Materials
The portable handheld printer is perfect for printing on a variety of materials, including carton boxes, wood, metal board, leather, cloth, steel pipe, aluminum cans, glass, bottle, timber, tube, automotive parts and so on. The handheld printer inkjet can print on curve surface, by using the auxiliary positioning plate, the printing performance can be further improved.
Steel pipes
Paper bag
Stainless Steel
Versatile Printing Content & Wide Application
UPRINTJET TIJ800P handheld inkjet coder is capable of printing various contents, including production date, expired date, text, contact methods, product information, website address, serial number, barcode, logo, QR code, label etc. Handheld inkjet printer gun is great tool for many applications, such as beverage, building materials, electronics, daily cosmetics, manufacture, warehouse, packaging etc.
Production Date
Bitmap Font
Custom Font
QR Code
Signs / Picture
Serial Number
5 Inch Capacitive Touch Screen & Ergonomic Design
UPRINTJET TIJ800P handheld printer have a 5-inch capacitive touch screen, which is very intuitive to use, with clear image display and more convenient operation. UPRINTJET handheld inkjet printer also has ink cartridge detection identification and nozzle cleaning functions as well as protective cover design for easy care and maintenance.
Suitable for Automatic Production Line & Package
In order to improve batch coding efficiency, this TIJ800P handheld inkjet coding machine can use on the assembly line to achieve automatic inkjet printing.

Package: 1× Handheld Inkjet Printer, 1× Sheet Metal Locator, 1× Charging Line, 1× U-disk, 1× Ink cartridge(Black), 1× Auxiliary wheel, 1× Instruction book, 1x Portable Case.)
1.Prohibit of the use of non-original ink cartridges.
2.After the machine finishes printing,please cover the head cover in time to prevent the head of the ink cartridge from being blocked.
3.Don’t privately remove ink cartridge chip,affecting the normal use of the machine.
4.When cleaning the machine,keep away from water and do not use chemical solvents.
5.Don’t place the machine in a wet environment for a long time, causing the circuit to be damp.
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