UPRINTJET Newest Industrial Automatic Online Inkjet Coding Machine
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UPRINTJET MX1 Newest Industrial Automatic Online Inkjet Coding Machine
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Main Features
1. Support 1-5 lines
2. Printing height 0.08-1inch (2-12.7mm)
3. 7inch touch screen
4. 600DPI
5. Suitable for use with assembly line
Functional Parameters
Printing Fonts:   High definition spray print font or dot matrix font; entity and dot matrix font can be mixed edited.
Number of Printing Lines:
  The number of rows can be chosen within 12.7mm, and the font with the height of 1mm to 12mm can be sprayed.
Special Functions:
  Flash spray, strong spray, movable bar code, movable two-dimensional code, etc.
Spray Printing Content:   Text, counter (changeable), time and date (changeable), bar code (changeable), two-dimensional code (changeable), picture, etc.
Machine System:   Operating System of Thermal Foaming Printer
Spray Printing Speed:   The maximum printing speed can reach 120 meters per minute,and the printing speed does not change with the increase of the number of rows; the maximum resolution is 600 DPI.
Spray Printing Material:
  It can be sprayed on metal, plastic, wood, aluminium platinum, carton, building materials, electronic products and other surfaces.
Ink Consumables:   Use environmentally friendly fast-drying ink or water-based ink, without adding solvents, pollution-free, without external air source or built-in air pump.
Communication Interface:
  Through the USB interface, the U disk uploads the required picture LOGO to the machine, upgrade program and so on.
Contact switch, pedal switch, sensor interface and synchronizer interface: It can set three induction trigger signals in the system: sensor induction, synchronizer induction, sensor and synchronizer mixing.
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