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Application of Anti-counterfeit Cartridges Counterfeiting is always a global problem. The counterfeit goods not only do damage to the brand seriously and cause a losses to the company, but also do harm to consumers’ security, rights and interests. To maintain customer confidence in genuine products, the company shou…
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Introduction for UPRINTJET TIJ2590 Static Desktop Inkjet Printer In the development of inkjet printing, UPRINTJET has always adhered to creating printers that allow users to print quickly and conveniently. And it aims to help the users to improve production efficiency. I will introduce to you a static desktop inkje…
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Application of white ink cartridge Quick-drying white ink cartridge is in solid state, please shake it for 10 - 15 seconds before use, otherwise it may cause the nozzle to become clogged and affect printing quality. Ink dry time is typically instant to a few seconds but can take longer depending on application an…
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Advantages of laser coding: Its permanence means that the coding does not wear or fade with exposure or over time; ● It supports manufacturers' sustainability goals due to the need for fewer consumables ● Laser machines often require less maintenance, which can improve production line efficiency and uptime; ● It …
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Both laser marking machine and TIJ inkjet printer can be used to print text, production date, time, logo, batch number, QR code, barcode etc. Both can quickly marking on plastics, metals, ceramics,wood, glass, fabric, leather, pipe, cable and other materials. Widely used in warehouse, logistics, daily necessities…
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Encrypted Ink Cartridges for UPRINTJET Handheld Printer There are many types of handheld printers and corresponding ink cartridges on the market. Handheld printers are divided into encrypted and non-encrypted types, and the corresponding ink cartridges are also available in encrypted and non-encrypted types. If the ha…
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Widespread Application of Online Inkjet Coding Machine At present, online inkjet coding machines are widely used to meet the various needs of various industries, are suitable for a variety of printing materials, and are suitable for a variety of content combinations. Below we briefly list a few examples.…
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There is no doubt that the ink cartridge is vital for a handheld inkjet printer. As it is one of the key factors determining the printing quality. Occasionally, printing problems may appear after using an ink cartridge for a period of time. The most common issues include blurriness, white lines, or missing prints. It's…
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Applications of Portable Handheld Inkjet Printers Handheld inkjet printers are versatile tools in various industries. In particular, it is popular in warehouse, logistics, packaging manufacturing and other fields. Handheld inkjet printers can print a variety of content, for instance, text, barcode, QR code, batch nu…
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