UPRINTJET Efficient Static Desktop Inkjet Coding Machine
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UPRINTJET TIJ2590 Efficient Static Desktop Inkjet Coding Machine
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Main Features
UPRINTJET TIJ2590 Efficient Static Desktop Inkjet Coding Machine support three printing modes are available. With a 5-Inch capacitive touch screen and adjustable positioning plate design, the operation is simple and efficient. It is very suitable for manufacturing, retail, warehouse, logistics, design workshop, DIY studio and other industries.

1. Three printing modes are available.

2. 5-Inch Capacitive Touch Screen.

3. Adjustable Positioning Plate.

4. Self-Absorbing Door Design.

5. Quality Stainless Steel Body.
Suitable For A Variety Of Materials
This date coding printer can be used for printing on wood, stone, carton, building materials, electronics, aluminum foil, metal, plastic, cloth, glass, etc. It is very suitable for manufacturing, retail, warehouse, logistics, design workshop, DIY studio and other industries.
Steel pipes
Paper bag
Stainless Steel
A Variety Of Printing Content
the TIJ2590 coding machine can print text, symbols, signs, pictures, time, date, counter, bar code, two-dimensional code, variable data (also can print variable two-dimensional code, variable bar code ), or you can import content through a U disk.
Production Date
Bitmap Font
Custom Font
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Unique Three Printing Methods
This TIJ2590 smart desktop inkjet coding machine has three printing methods: manual button printing, pedal printing and photoelectric induction, which further improves work efficiency.
High-Quality Quick-Drying Ink
UPRINTJET TIJ2590 tabletop inkjet printer is equipped with a black quick-drying ink cartridge as standard, with smooth printing, bright colors and strong adhesion. If you need to suspend printing, please cover the protective cover in time to prevent the ink cartridge from drying out and clogging the nozzle. (Tip: Please pay attention to the care and maintenance of the ink cartridge)
Adjustable Bracket And Stable Module
In order to meet customers' printing needs for different product sizes, the TIJ2590 desktop batch coding machine is equipped with an adjustable bracket and a stable sliding module to make printing work easier and more stable convenient.
1. Please do not insert or remove the ink cartridge while the machine is printing, otherwise it may cause damage to the machine.

2. If you do not use the machine for more than 20 minutes, you must remove the cartridge from the machine, cover it with a special transparent clamp, and avoid the ink drying caused by long exposure of the sprinkler to the air.

3. The ink cartridge is quick-drying, and if the printing is incomplete or unclear, this is mainly because of the clogged nozzle. Please wipe the ink cartridge nozzle with tissue or alcohol.

4. When cleaning the nozzle, face the nozzle downwards and wipe along the two columns of nozzles vertically.

5. Please use a soft cloth or tissue to clean the nozzle. Do not use hard, rough objects to avoid scratching or clogging the nozzle.

6. Don’t place the machine in a wet environment for a long time, causing the circuit to be damp.

7. If you do not use the inkjet printer, please turn it off and unplug the power.
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