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It used to be impossible to print on uneven or nonabsorbent surfaces without expensive, bulky, in-line marking equipment. But now, with UPRINTJET Handheld Inkjet Printer, printing on glass, metal, and uneven or curved surfaces is simple. Make your mark today on any surface with UPRINTJET's Handheld Inkjet Printer. To find what models can print on your product, choose from the following:
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UPRINTJET is a professional handheld printer manufacturer and exporter that is concerned with the design, development and production of printers and printer consumables. UPRINTJET has been committed to serving customers with high-quality products with competitive price in the market. In addition, we have been working on R&D and innovation of inkjet printing technology and operation system. In 2019, we developed static inkjet coding machine series which was leading in the international market. This online inkjet printer not only brings current customers a new option of high cost performance, but also brings inkjet printing industry a new chance by expanding application scope. Our tabletop coding printer series have obtained utility model patent in China.

With the advanced technology, compact design, superior quality and stability, UPRINJET is favored by the users from various industries including food & beverage, pharmaceutical, pipe, cable, auto motive, chemical for daily used, electronics and leather.
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UPRINTJET offers many services to support our customers and provide solutions for marking applications. Our goal is to assist you throughout the entire buying process to make sure you make the best decision for you and get the most out of your machine.
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